The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, Saint Joseph’s University and Pomì Join Forces to Develop New Strategies for the American Market

 The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce (IACC), institutional partner Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) and IACC member Pomì are pleased to announce the launch of a new strategic partnership aimed at helping Italian food and beverage companies to develop new marketing and branding strategies for the American market. Using newly launched product lines from Italy’s iconic Pomì brand as a real-time case study, students at Saint Joseph’s University’s Academy of Food Marketing will work with executives from Pomì to learn what drives consumers and develop a strategic omni-channel marketing plan for the company’s newest product lines. 

The IACC and SJU are not new to collaborative endeavors; the two institutions have been working closely together since 2018, sharing knowledge and expertise in the field of food marketing, promoting best practices and innovation, and supporting the career growth and development of professionals engaged in this industry. Over the years, the IACC and SJU have partnered on a number of successful initiatives and events to support Italian food and beverages companies on the U.S. market, including their annual International Specialty Food Summit, now in its fourth edition, and their more recent alliance with the Emilia Romagna region, aimed at helping companies from the region develop a strategic approach to U.S. market entry by providing in-depth industry analysis and market research. 

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