The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is an independent membership organization, which offers a vast number of services to both members (at a discounted rate) and non-‐members (full price) including:

General Marketing Information

  • Market research
  • Product and commodity information
  • Domestic and international commercial norms and regulations
  • General information on trade shows and promotional events
  • Contact information for trade and professional organizations • Information on incentives for foreign investment
  • Information on potential business partners

Specialized Marketing Services

  • Selection of targeted contacts for direct mail and other promotional campaigns (Each contact includes business address, telephone number and executive name/title and is verified for accuracy.)
  • Selection of and initial contact with potential business partners
  • Specialized personnel search and selection
  • Organization of trade show participation
  • Professional referral service for in-depth market analysis and research performed by industry experts affiliated with the IACC
  • Assistance in setting up a company/office in Italy and/or United States
  • Preparation of U.S. media plans and promotional campaigns
  • Organization of commercial delegations and trade missions
  • Conferences And Seminars

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The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce organizes periodic conferences and seminars, both in Italy and in the United States, in cooperation with local business and professional organizations, institutions and private enterprises. These events are open to members and treat relevant issues of current interest including trends and new developments in international commerce, business and finance, technology and investment. We also have a program of quarterly briefings on the state of the economy. Specially organized seminars also provide affiliated member companies with an effective means for launching new products, services, initiatives and campaigns.

Networking Opportunities

The IACC hosts frequent networking events. These activities aim to provide our members with a forum for making and enriching valuable professional contacts with other like-minded professionals interested in expanding their business networks in the U.S. and Italy. Networking functions are attended by IACC members and their guests as well as by individuals affiliated with other bi-national chambers of commerce, business organizations and professional associations.

These events range in type from less formal business card exchanges, cocktail receptions and outings to high-level networking activities planned especially for our Sustaining and Senior Sustaining members which provide them with a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with dignitaries in government, industry and culture from the United States, Italy and the European Union.