Resident Artist

In 2018, the IACC launched its resident artist program to support the work of emerging artists whose work reflects the creativity, innovation and vision that underpin the spirit of entrepreneurship. Each year, we will select an emerging artist to collaborate with our team and will exhibit his or her work at our New York headquarters. The IACC’s 2018 resident artist is Edoardo Cozzani.


Born in Rome, Edoardo Cozzani moved to New York in 2016 to study conceptual photography at the International Center of Photography. Later that year, his first solo show Anamorphosis—a series of photographs exploring the internal conflicts of the modern man, battling between the fiction of an ordered reality and his natural inclinations—was curated by Cultrise and exhibited in Rome.

After traveling to Hong Kong in February 2017, Edoardo began work on his series Babel, whichquestions the impact of aggressive urbanization on the quality of life of the individual. By destabilizing the apparent order of the urban landscape, this project criticizes a society compulsively obsessed with progress. Babelwas included in Hidden Narratives, a group exhibition at New York’s Rita K. Hillman gallery, and was named a winner of the Life Framer photography competition. By the end of 2017, Babelhad also been featured in two solo shows in Italy, and Mr. Cozzani was invited to speak about his work at Rome’s prestigious American Academy.

In 2018, Mr. Cozzani’s newest project, Supernatural Retrospectives, was selected to be part of an exhibition at Rome’s acclaimed ACTA International photography gallery. This series explores the allegorical powers of animated statues, evocative landscapes and constraining urban patterns.

The IACC commissioned Mr. Cozzani to reproduce ten pieces from his series, Babel, which are currently on view at the IACC’s New York offices. Mr. Cozzani is based in New York City. To learn more about his work, please visit his website.


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