Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Global

Launched in 2009, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Global is an exchange program designed to provide U.S.-based companies the opportunity to host young or aspiring entrepreneurs from countries in the European Union.

The IACC has been involved in the EYE project since 2018 and, in just two years, has connected more than 75 European entrepreneurs with 150 host companies in the United States. Entrepreneurs who participate in the project through the IACC automatically receive a complimentary Young Professionals (YEX) membership to the Chamber, enabling them to access a wide variety of events and resources throughout the duration of their exchange program.

How the EYE program works:

  1. Register your company on the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs portal.
  2. Search for qualified candidates whose skill sets fit your business needs.
  3. Contact the candidate(s) to schedule an online interview.
  4. Confirm the match and we will guide you through the process of initiating the exchange!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to take part in the EYE program?

Because the EYE program is financed by the European Union, participation is complimentary for U.S. host companies.

How long do EYE exchange programs last?

Exchange programs have a maximum duration of three months.

Which type of visa should I request?

Entrepreneurs should select the most appropriate visa based on their nationality and duration of exchange. A complete list of visas can be found HERE

How do I activate my Young Professionals (YEX) membership?

The IACC will schedule an orientation call with new entrepreneurs upon arrival in the United States as well as activate your Young Professionals (YEX) Membership, to ensure that you are kept in the loop!

We can help with registration! Please complete the form below and our office will contact you to schedule a call or meeting as soon as possible.